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2009-07-11 13:06:09 by kingler999

Did you know there were MEDALS

The gayest thing on behalf of achievements.

Flash removal HELP!

2009-06-28 17:55:16 by kingler999

I,m planning to make a Physics based flash game only ive had a old version of flash and I needed to remove only it doesent make any progress inremoving anyone got ideas?

Give me the answer why hentai is everywhere on this site its motherfriggin flash for christs sake!

Sprite collab

2009-03-26 12:25:59 by kingler999

Anyone wanna make my sprites animated or so?

New things

2009-02-04 08:44:03 by kingler999

I wanna make a spore collab of several people but, I need much more people.

We need:

And people with ideas like me :D

And a stand-in collab organiser or co-organiser.


2007-11-16 15:40:47 by kingler999

thx for looking on my profile